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Linking SAVVAS to Envisions
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This year, Savvas uses Powerschool rosters to connect with Google Classroom.


Last year, you probably needed to import your Google Classrooms in order to give assignments.


This year, you will use the class listed from Powerschool.



Let’s say I wanted to assign the Daily Common Core Review.

I would click on “Assign”



To assign the activity from Savvas – instead of using your Google Classroom, you will need to use the Powerschool name given to your class.

In the “enter a class, group, or student name bar - - type Math. Then, you should see your class name given from Powerschool.

Click on the class name and the start/end date of the assignment.



After you refresh your Google Classroom, you should see the assignment in there.


Hope this helps for anyone wanting to give assignments from Savvas into Google Classroom.


Credit: Liesl Yohn

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